Saturday, 29 September 2012

a new event - Giessen

Giessen was for the first time part of the Classic Racing Team circus in the Netherlands which had eleven events on the calendar for 2012. The Land of Altena is traditionally motorcycle-racing and motocross minded and produced big names in the past. At the moment young men like Raymond Schouten (road race) and motocrosser Micha Boy de Waal compete at national and European level. In 1977, the area around the Rietdijk in Giessen was already part of a highly crowed street race with stars like Wil Hartog, Boet van Dulmen and Jack Middelburg. It seems saturday a part of that audience was there again. Many babyboomers in leather had their motorcycles parked along the track and watched the glory from the past (all pre-1972 bikes) with lots of pleasure.

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