Sunday, 20 August 2000

Jehonville 2000

with Johan Brunt on the platform

Jehonville – Luxembourg / Circuit de Jehonville / 1982-1986 (5) / motorcycles
Location: 49°54'2.38"N / 5°12'9.27"E
The notoriously dangerous circuit of Jehonville hosted races from 1982-1986. Further events were announced for 1987 and 1988, but these were both cancelled. The course measured 2.75 km, and like several other Belgian circuits used around this time would have been unthinkable in neighbouring countries. As a rather sinister detail, it ran past the local cemetery... Patrick Orban (Honda)recorded the fastest lap of the July 1982 inaugural meeting in 1.13,5 = 134.7 km/h. While the circuit was not approved anymore for races with modern motorcycles in the late 1980s, a sprint meeting did take place on a 2.41 km section of the course in August 1993. Orban again recorded the fastest time on that occasion, in 1.07,24 = 129.0 km/h. Races with vintage machinery apparently were not a problem either, and such events were held for many years until a fatal crash occured in 2003. A new and much safer venue was found at the airfield of Saint Hubert, which subsequently hosted the 2005 and 2006 meetings. However, racing returned to Jehonville from 2007-2009, but two more fatal accidents made it clear once more the triangular circuit was not suitable for racing, and it has since been abandoned definitively.


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